Thursday, 5 April 2012

Foreign Advisories with regards to Typhoid

There have been a number of warnings released by the Travel Advisories in various countries, including the USA and UK about a typhoid outbreak in Zimbabwe. The US has recommended no “non-essential” travel to Zimbabwe, while the United Kingdom is recommending no travel at all. This has caused a lot of concern for travellers visiting Zimbabwe from these countries.

It should be noted that while there has been a typhoid breakout in the high density suburbs of Harare, this area is 900km away and therefore not a threat to visitors to Victoria Falls.

Foreign Governments are obliged to report on the safety and security matters within each specific country, according to information released by government and the media about that particular country.

In saying this, visitors should always take the necessary precautions and immunisations, as advised by their doctor when visiting Zimbabwe. The best form of protection against mosquitoes and malaria is having a malaria prophylaxis treatment, using repellent and wearing long sleeved clothing in the evenings.

With regard to the Typhoid issue, guests are advised to take the necessary immunization against typhoid as well as follow caution by drinking bottled water, and avoiding eating unwashed fruits and vegetables. Since Victoria Falls is far away from the area where the problem has arised, we do not foresee this being an issue at all for visitors to the town. It is not a 100% guarantee, but if precautions are taken it is very unlikely it will be a problem.

The general feeling by members of the tourism industry in Zimbabwe is that the apprehension is both unjustified and unrealistic.

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