Monday, 24 October 2011

Travelling Vic Falls - a visitor's comments

This via Kaeti Hands

Mum and Dad came to Vic Falls in the seventies, and it left such an impression on them that they gave me my middle name of Victoria after the Falls. So when I decided to make this trip, visiting Vic Falls was a must.  And now I have seen it, I understand - it is spectacular.

We are at the end of the dry season at the moment, so the water levels are at their lowest, but still, the Falls are amazing.  And Vic Falls town is very nice as well.   The Victoria Falls Hotel is a lovely old colonial hotel with stunning views, well worth a visit.  A few of us had high tea there this afternoon which was very pleasant indeed.  This morning I took the "flight of angels", a helicopter ride over the Falls, where you can understand the true scale of the Zambezi, and the gorge that it crashes into.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


The Victoria Falls Marathon has made it into the top 500 list of the World’s Ultimate Running Races.  The book is a list of 500 of the most adrenaline-filled, awe-inspiring, classic running races, across the world, and is considered to be THE runner’s guide. This emphasises the fact that the town, and the marathon, are world class and will ultimately attract more and more tourists with each year. Great News for Vic Falls!

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Go To Victoria Falls, the interactive and informative website and travel hub offering information on Vic Falls, is delighted to welcome its five newest members.

In keeping with the need to provide travellers with information about all aspects of tourism at the Falls, the newest members offer an array of services, from accommodation (self-catered and catered) to activities and transfers.

Adventure Lodge boasts 70 self-catering rooms at an excellent price, is a mere five minute walk from the town, and a further 10 minute walk from the actual Falls. It is an excellent option for visitors travelling on a budget.

Adventure Zone is a leading tour operator in Victoria Falls, offering budget accommodation and a comprehensive Adventure and Safari Activity portfolio. Activities include white water river rafting, elephant back safari trails, lion walking encounters, canoe safari trails, the flight of angels above the Victoria Falls, bungi jumping, gorge swinging, sunset cruises, and tours and transfers around Victoria Falls, Livingstone and Chobe areas.

A’Zambezi River Lodge is the only hotel in Victoria Falls that enjoys a site on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. The newly refurbished lodge is within easy reach of the town and the Falls themselves, providing easy access to different attractions and activities. The beautiful location on the banks of the river makes A’Zambezi a perfect choice for travellers looking to take in the beauty of the area.

Khanondo Safaris and Tours is a safari operator offering tours and transfers in Victoria Falls, around Zimbabwe and to other destinations such as Livingstone, Kasane and Namibia. They also offer game drives and camping safaris to all major parks in Zimbabwe and day tours to attractions around Victoria Falls.

Mapopoma Cruises and Tours is a tour operator specialising in transfers and tours, river cruises, African village tours, bush dinners, Chobe day trips and car hire. Many of the major hotels in the town have contracted their services.

The new members join well known properties and operators such as Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, The Victoria Falls Hotel, Ilala Lodge, Wilderness Safaris, Wild Horizons and Shearwater Adventures, on the Go To Victoria Falls website. 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ukusata Pack goes wild

Great news!  Shearwater Adventures and Rani Africa are delighted to announce that the Ukusuta Pack has succeeded in hunting for itself during its first weeks back in the bush. The six rehabilitated Painted Dogs, led by older brother Sithule, have already killed an Impala and a Waterbuck and, just this week, they brought down a Kudu on the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve.  So far all carcasses have been retained by the Dogs with no threat from Lions in the area. 

There are only between 3,000 and 5,000 African Wild Dogs left.

The fragile family’s ability to hunt was the first big hurdle to achieving self-sufficiency and increases the hope that they can be relocated to either Hwange or Mana Pools National Park as a viable pack. They are regularly ‘spotted’ on Shearwater Game Drives within the private, big five conservancy. 

It is estimated that only about 3000 – 5000 of this endangered species remain on the continent, with the Zimbabwean population being one of the last strongholds.

Much of their decline has been farmers who fear that the dogs will prey on their livestock, despite this being a seldom event. This persecution, on top of habitat loss, has almost wiped out the species. Lions and Hyena’s are also contributing factors to the decline in Wild Dog numbers.

To learn more about the Ukusuta Pack and the incredible work conducted by the Hwange-based Painted Dog Conservation visit